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UAE Introduces Nuha ChatGPT-Powered Concierge

Nuha, a virtual hospitality concierge, was released by UAE-based Address Hotels and Resorts, according to Gulf Business.

It was developed in-house and made its first appearance at the Addres Downtown Hotel in Dubai. Address Hotels and Resorts is now the pioneering luxury hospitality group in the UAE to harness AI custom-designed for the hospitality sector.

This artificial intelligence system is named Nuha, meaning guidance and self-restraint, aiming to encapsulate the essence of providing knowledgeable help and support to visitors and guests, while maintaining superior service.

A great advantage of this AI lies in the fact that it offers a natural, intuitive, and personal conversation to the guests, as stated by Gulf Business.  

Some of the services Nuha offers include:

  • Hotel inside-out: The platform provides a comprehensive tour of the hotel, showcasing everything from its luxurious rooms to its gourmet dining options and serene spa sanctuaries.
  • Emaar’s Expanse: It stretches far beyond one specific destination, serving as the entry point to Emaar’s vast and opulent collection, providing a complete perspective of all the available experiences.
  • Dubai unveiled: Whether it involves exploring iconic marvels or revealing Dubai’s well-kept secrets, Nuha guides guests on an immersive journey through the city.
  • Stay Current, Stay Connected: Guests can stay updated on upcoming events, cultural celebrations, and important occurrences throughout the UAE.

The head of Hospitality of Emaar Hospitality Group, Mark Kirby, stated for the Gulf Business that the combination of ChatGPT’s conversational skills and humanity makes the guests feel seen and heard. It makes an important hospitality innovation, by joining technology and personal touch.

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