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IRIS ID: How to Choose the Optimal Time and Attendance Platform for the Modern Workforce?

Tracking employee hours without error is one of the most significant responsibilities of human resources departments in any size organization. The need for an accurate, fast, flexible, and easy-to-use solution drives innovation in the process

For more than a decade, biometric-based time and attendance (T&A) solutions have been proven to meet payroll needs better than traditional card-based systems. Biometric technologies are now more widely deployed for time and attendance than any other identification application. All biometric systems use a measurement of physical characteristics such as fingerprints or the shape or patterns of an employee’s face or iris. Unlike cards and PINs, these unique data points cannot be shared, eliminating the costly payroll fraud known as buddy punching.

Advantages of Iris Recognition in Time and Attendance Management

Among available biometric time and attendance choices, a rapidly growing number of companies are taking advantage of iris recognition’s unique capabilities to integrate highly accurate, environmentally tolerant, and hands-free time and attendance solutions that simplify and streamline business operations.

Recent advancements in capture technology, matching algorithms, and usability, along with reductions in product and deployment costs, have made iris-based time and attendance a practical investment for companies of every size. Most organizations implementing iris-based time and attendance achieve significant, quantifiable, cost-justifying benefits within the first few months of operations.

Iris recognition offers contactless features that are uniquely suited to the demands of time and attendance applications to deliver high, user-friendly performance in biometrically unfriendly workplaces such as manufacturing floors, construction sites, and processing plants. It is this unparalleled performance in harsh and unpredictable locations where other biometrics often fail that makes iris-based platforms a practical solution in today’s challenging workplace environments.

First of all, iris recognition is a fast and stable process. A person’s unique iris pattern is formed by 10 months of age and remains stable throughout life. Full system enrolment with instruction can take less than a minute while authentication takes less than 2 seconds.

Next, iris-based systems are more accurate and reliable than other security alternatives – biometric or otherwise. A distinctive iris pattern is not susceptible to theft, loss, or compromise.

Also, the authentication is non-invasive and requires no physical contact for confirmed identification. The imaging process includes no bright lights or lasers – enrolment and identity authentication is the same as taking a picture with a digital camera.

Finally, this method is expandable, scalable, and flexible. Iris data templates require only 512 bytes of storage per iris and even extensive databases do not compromise search speed or degrade performance accuracy. The technology operates in a stand-alone mode and easily integrates with existing time and attendance systems. Iris platforms are highly scalable, meeting the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprise organizations.

It is this unparalleled performance in harsh and unpredictable locations where other biometrics often fail that makes iris-based platforms a practical solution in today’s challenging workplace environments

IrisTime Unleashes the Full Potential of Biometric-Based T&A 

The contactless IrisTime platform combines features and performance not found in any other iris-based biometric device for time and attendance. It has the highest degree of accuracy expected from a biometric device. It’s easy to use with on-device employee enrolment which can save time and eliminate the need to maintain a separate station for new hires. Once enrolled, employees may clock in with other networked readers in the same building or virtually anywhere in the world.

IrisTime offers a comprehensive turnkey solution, featuring embedded software that is instantly prepared to handle various tasks such as importing, exporting, and managing user data, as well as retrieving and monitoring transactions. Additionally, it can seamlessly detect new devices and perform necessary updates or removals of readers automatically. With the ability to manage administrator accounts, IrisTime operates smoothly across Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, facilitating accessibility from tablets and smartphones.

The IrisTime software automatically calculates employee hours, speeding up the payroll process and removing the element of human error and HR staff time to enter data. Employees may receive text messages alerting them to the need to take regulatory-required breaks. And the system can quickly expand as a business adds new locations.

The platform further enhances accuracy with a fusion of iris and facial recognition to provide a choice of identifiers or a higher accuracy in authenticating employees. Liveness detection is built into each reader to virtually eliminate spoofing the system with photographs, prosthetics, and amputated or injured eyes. Innovative, cost-efficient, and flexible IrisTime biometric time clocks from Iris ID have arrived to meet the needs of a modern workforce.

Iris ID’s Time and Attendance Success Stories

Two customer success stories showcase Iris ID’s technology effectively meeting time and attendance needs in challenging operational environments. Turkey’s Anadolu Etap, a major fruit and vegetable juice provider to Europe, encountered complex payroll challenges due to fluctuating schedules and seasonal labor. Traditional timecards were impractical, and smart cards posed logistical and security issues. Implementing outdoor iris readers provided accurate tracking, even for transient workers, streamlining payroll management for over 10,000 employees.

Similarly, Nigeria-based Dangote Industries, a leading conglomerate in sub-Saharan Africa, sought a contactless biometric solution for its diverse operations. Despite challenges with facial recognition systems, Iris ID’s iris-based solution proved accurate and efficient, seamlessly integrating with their enterprise systems and facilitating asset tracking at cement plants.

Why Iris ID?

Since its formation in 1997, Iris ID has developed identity authentication systems that are used more frequently than all other iris recognition alternatives combined. The company is committed to the ongoing development of iris recognition platforms that incorporate robust security features and offer improved speed, enhanced usability, and lower equipment and ownership costs.

Iris ID’s time and attendance applications are no exception. Iris ID’s solutions achieve unparalleled performance in harsh and unpredictable environments and more conventional workplace settings. Iris ID is uniquely positioned to provide these solutions as organizations look to leverage existing facilities and capabilities more effectively to simplify and streamline their business operations.

The company’s products are used in thousands of locations daily authenticating millions of people’s identities on six continents. Iris ID was named to the 2020 Inc.5000, a list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

IrisTime software automatically calculates employee hours, speeding up the payroll process and removing the element of human error and HR staff time to enter data

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