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UAE Cyber Security Council Urges Caution After Cyberattack

The United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council recently announced that they managed to successfully confront electronic terrorist attacks that aimed at a number of vital and strategically important sectors in the country, according to Gulf News.

Cyber emergency systems have been employed across the country, with all relevant authorities included in the action. These systems managed to repel terrorists in a professional and efficient way, as well as to deter anyone who tries to obstruct the country’s security. The members of the terrorist organization were identified and dealt with in accordance with protection systems and cybersecurity policies.

The Council highlights, according to Gulf News, that all national teams continue to work on improving and strengthening the country’s digital ecosystem. The UAE, with its highly developed infrastructure, is capable of dealing with such incidents in the most efficient way.

The Council suggests caution and vigilance to all government and private institutions, as well as individuals, as a way of protection from potential cyberattacks. The evolving hacking and electronic fraud tools used in the modern technology world call for caution and prevention measures from harm and breaches.

Further suggested was safeguarding private data, avoiding sharing personal information through unverified links or unknown messages, using only official channels for communication, and additional caution with emails.

The Council additionally stressed the crucial need for key sectors to combat cyberattacks through quick engagement of protection systems, strict enforcement of cybersecurity policies, and timely reporting of suspicious activities to authorities, according to Gulf News.

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