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SALTO Systems Announces Transformation for Future Growth

Salto Systems, a world leader in keyless electronic access control, recently announced an important transition in the process of adapting to the evolving technology world. The new name, SALTO WECOSYSTEM, represents a transformation and a holistic approach reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and new technologies.

The SALTO WECOSYSTEM consists of three independent brands: Gantner, Salto, and Vintia. Each one has its own set of roles, equally important to the success of the organization.

Gantner builds reliable and smart identification, access, cashless payment and locker solutions, maximizing organizational efficiency through digitization of the business processes. Salto produces new technologies relating to facility access, identity management, and electronic locking technology as a way of ensuring a smooth and reliable experience. Vintia is concerned with creating comprehensive ticketing, booking, management, and payment solutions for the leisure and attractions industry that support efficiency and security by providing the optimal customer experiences.

An essential change is the launch of a new company setup aimed at improving flexibility, promoting teamwork, and ensuring efficient operations. The new structure, described as the backbone of SALTO WECOSYSTEM’S operation, will include the 3 brands and four worldwide teams: Sales and Marketing, Technology and Innovation, People and Global Services, and Cybersecurity.

Marc Gómez, the incoming CEO of SALTO WECOSYSTEM, expressed his enthusiasm for joining the company, citing a strong alignment between its commitment to innovation and his personal values.

Javier Roquero, outgoing CEO transitioning to a Board Member position, as well as SALTO WECOSYSTEM Strategy Committee member, also expressed his gratitude for having worked with competent people at Salto in the previous 23 years, and that he strongly believes that the company will continue to grow under the leadership of Marc Gómez.

The new Board Strategy Committee will also welcome Marc Handels, SALTO WECOSYSTEM CTIO, co-founder and Member of the Board.

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