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‘See Clearer, Go Smarter’ with Dahua’s HDCVI 2023

Source: William Pao (Sponsored by Dahua Technology)

Eleven years ago, Dahua Technology launched HDCVI, ushering in a new era in HD analog. Today, Dahua again wows the video surveillance industry with HDVCI 2023, which intends to help users “see clearer, go smarter.” This article takes a closer look.

HDCVI stands for high-definition composite video interface, offering HD video over coaxial cable. It’s a brainchild of Dahua, which launched it in 2012. HDCVI is an analog technology which, despite increased adoption of IP cameras, still has a significant market due to its various advantages. These include cost-effectiveness, compatibility with existing cable infrastructure, simplicity of configuration and real-time video transmission without the potential delays caused by network latency or bandwidth limitations.

HDCVI 2023

Over the years, Dahua has continued to innovate HDCVI. Now, celebrating HDCVI’s 11-year anniversary, Dahua launched HDCVI 2023, which includes four core values: Real 5MP 2.0, Smart Dual Light, PT camera and S-XVR. These are discussed as follows.

Real 5MP 2.0

“In the past, our XVR5000-I3 Series only support 5M-N preview and encoding; the image clarity and quality cannot satisfy user’s specific scenarios. Based on the Real 5MP 16:9, we launched the Real 5MP 2.0 technology that enables users to enjoy Real 5MP images with cost-friendly price. It’s a step-up from the previous Real 5MP technology, with two major enhancements. One is Real 5MP Mode, which provides 5MP@10fps/12.5fps for preview and 5MP@6fps for encoding. This enhancement provides users with a higher definition experience. Another enhancement is in the 5M-N encoding capacity, where the original 5M-N@10fps has been increased to 5M-N@12fps. Upgrade of 5M-N mode to provide users with smoother visual effects. Besides, the two modes can be flexibly switched in the XVR operation interface,” said Royce Ren, Product Manager at Dahua Technology.

To meet the different needs of users, Dahua offers two Real 5MP 2.0 options: 5MP Pro and 5MP Value. “5MP Pro consists mainly of XVR5000-4KL-I3 with 5MP HDCVI camera. This is Dahua-recommended for users, which can provide higher and more powerful performance,” Ren said. “5MP Value consists mainly of XVR5000-I3 with 5MP HDCVI camera. This solution offers real 5MP images without breaking their budget.”

Smart Dual Light

HDCVI 2023 makes illumination smarter than ever with Smart Dual Light technology, with which the camera can switch between warm light and IR light depending on the time of the day and whether suspicious individuals/objects have been detected. In the smart illumination mode, the IR illuminator is normally on at night; when something suspicious is detected by the camera, the warm light turns on, and the camera records full-color video and information of key events.

Ren stresses that the Smart Dual Light camera is strongly bonded with AI XVR, through which the user can set the illumination mode according to different time periods. This improves the configuration efficiency and suits different application scenarios.

“In a shop, for instance, the shopkeeper may set IR mode during business hour, so at early night when the shop is not closed but the environment gets quite dark, the camera will not turn the warm light on, minimizing interference with customers. During closing hour, smart illumination mode may be set, which enables effective event capture,” he said.

PT camera

Dahua’s brand new HAC PT camera is the first indoor/outdoor analog PT camera in the market, allowing 0-90° tilt and 0-355° pan. The pan and tilt function, which can be remotely controlled through XVR or DMSS app, allows wide-area coverage. Ease of installation is another hallmark of the camera, as installation on a pole, ceiling or wall is easily supported with wall-mount brackets or in-celling mount brackets. Moreover, the user doesn’t have to adjust the camera angle repeatedly.


The final key element in HDCVI 2023 is the S-XVR. In the past, XVR was required to store video information on the HDD. But HDDs have limitations: they do not have capacity options below 1TB, price is more expensive, and selection is difficult. The newly released S-XVR has an internal SSD, offering various benefits. According to Ren, this makes the S-XVR:

  • Cost-saving: With SSD cost significantly decreasing, S-XVR with capacity of lower than 1T can be a good choice for entry-level surveillance market;
  • Smart: AI Coding in S-XVR focuses on human and vehicle targets while encoding, ensuring the target’s image quality while saving 50 percent bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265. AI Coding guarantees more than 11 days of reliable video storage. SMD Plus reduces false alarms and offers quick search of human/vehicle targets;
  • Stable: Dahua SSD uses superior 3D TLC NAND FLASH and self-developed dynamic load balancing algorithm, which ensures stable operation, excellent product performance and longer service life;
  • Sustainable: Compared with HDD solutions, S-XVR has superior power saving advantages – in scenarios that require 24/7 constant operation, S-XVR can save at least 38kWh of power per year, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a 3W LED light for about 3 years;
  • Simple: The S-XVR has pre-installed SSD that can significantly reduce installation time, sparing customers the effort to choose hard disks, calculate hard disk capacity and consider compatibility issues. The detachable design enables easy maintenance and capacity expansion (256GB, 512GB, 1T).


Being a leading video solutions provider, Dahua has long led the HD-over-coax market, first with HDVCI and now with HDCVI 2023, which offers four core values of Real 5MP 2.0, Smart Dual Light, PT camera and S-XVR. For users wishing to “see clearer, go smarter” with their existing cable infrastructure, HDCVI 2023 is definitely a smart and ideal choice.

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