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Safe on Vacation with MOBOTIX Pro 7

Langmeil / Munich / Limassol, January 2024 – The “intruder” had no chance of escaping the security system at the Marriott “Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Limassol”, Cyprus. Thanks to the sophisticated concept, which protects the 100,000 square meter luxury area with more than 300 MOBOTIX cameras, the alleged thief was quickly apprehended by the hotel’s security staff – despite the darkness.

However – the alleged thief is called Matthias Fiedler and is a Galileo reporter. How secure are video-secured environments and how long can an intruder remain undetected in such an area despite video security? That was the question to which the Munich-based television production company Mediarebels sought an answer on behalf of the Pro 7 program Galileo in Cyprus. “We wanted to investigate the debate about whether more video security can improve people’s safety in a realistic case. We want to clarify without prejudice whether camera security provides more security and to what extent you have to sacrifice freedom or privacy to do so,” explains Matthias Rebel, Managing Director of Mediarebels TV Produktion.

“As a layperson, you have the naïve idea that camera security means that you are always being filmed and recorded everywhere,”

production manager Matthias Rebel.

“The hotel complex secured by MOBOTIX cameras was ideal for this test,” says Thomas Gladel, Head of Training, who accompanied the filming for MOBOTIX. “People attach great importance to absolute privacy, especially on vacation, but also want their property to be protected against theft and vandalism,” says Gladel.

Vakis Paraskevopoulos, Chief of Security at the Mariott Parklane Hotel in Limassol, was satisfied after the reality check by the Munich TV team: “We already knew that our security system meets the highest standards, is extremely reliable and replaces around 40 employees in the security service. Nevertheless, it was good to see how quickly a would-be thief can be caught on our huge site and how safe our guests can feel.”

The functionalities of the security system also surprised the film team. “As a layperson, you have the naïve idea that camera security means that you are always being filmed and recorded everywhere. We were very impressed by the fact that these systems are sophisticated, highly intelligent solutions that produce images on an event-by-event basis and that privacy remains absolutely protected without incident,” says production manager Matthias Rebel.

Basil Hadjimichael from MOBOTIX partner Meshmade, who planned and implemented the security system, is largely satisfied with his work after the reality check. He has agreed with the Chief of Security that at least 10 more thermal cameras should optimize the installation. He plans to attend the EMEA MOBOTIX Partner Conference in Langmeil with Vakis Paraskevopoulos. “We are excited about the new MOBOTIX products, but we are already certain that we will find an excellent solution for the upcoming expansion in Langmeil,” says Hadjimichael.

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