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Microsoft’s Collaboration with Abu Dhabi AI Leader Growing

Microsoft Corporation is further developing the collaboration with Group 42, Abu Dhabi’s leader in creating artificial intelligence, according to Alarabia News. Microsoft Corporation aims to provide independent cloud infrastructure within the UAE, which will enable the UAE’s public sector and regulated industries access to cloud and AI features on Microsoft’s Azure, as well as enable local privacy and regulatory requirements.

Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s Chief Commerical Officer, stated in the article that provided with data privacy, security, and compliance, they can assist the company’s responsible production of innovations. Eventually, the companies will come up with industry-specific AI solutions in essential projects, which include the COP28 climate summit, expected to commence in Dubai 2023.

According to the article, the collaboration will involve Microsoft’s expansion of its Azure services in the UAE by leveraging Khazna Data Centers, a joint venture between G42 and Emirates Telecom.

The collaboration between G42 and Cerebras Systems Inc. led to the development of a newer first out of nine AI supercomputers, potentially seen as a solution different than systems using Nvidia Corp. tech.

As stated in the article, the companies released what they called ‘the world’s highest quality Arabic Large Language Model’.

Furthermore, the article states that the companies set in Abu Dhabi succeed in many different branches, including the range between cloud computing and driverless cars. In the previous year, they established the 42XFund, with a budget of $10 billion, aimed at investing in technology companies operating in emerging markets.

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