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Intersec 2024: Hikvision Kickstarts the New Year with Innovations

Hikvision showcased an impressive range of innovative solutions at Intersec 2024, the first international security trade event of the year.

As a regular exhibitor at Intersec, which wrapped up recently at the World Trade Center in Dubai, Hikvision once again used the event to unveil an innovative collection of multi-dimensional AIoT products and technologies integrating all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum including visible light, radio, and sound.

One thing that is always fascinating about the three-day event is how it provides a platform for the leading industry players to introduce state-of-the-art solutions poised to propel the security sector forward throughout the year. At Intersec 2024, there seemed to be three key trends emerging.

1. Security is becoming smarter with AIoT

As traditional security boundaries become increasingly blurred and extended, security vendors such as Hikvision, are merging artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT) to create advanced Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions. Through the integration of sensor technologies, AI enhances detection accuracy and reduces false alarms, enabling AIoT to cater to the increasingly complex needs of the market and, in the process, transforming SMBs and industry applications.

Examples of the enhanced capabilities that AIoT is bringing includes much more precise temperature monitoring of both equipment and facilities; smarter perimeter security thanks to object classification; more accurate license plate recognition in varied traffic scenarios; detecting slip-and-fall incidents; and ensuring that Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn appropriately.

AIoT is also able to bolster business intelligence and decision-making by providing insights on customer flow, queue duration, and parking occupancy. Moreover, it improves management efficiency with smart video searches and automated system health checks, providing significant aid to sectors including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

At Intersec, Hikvision unveiled state-of-the-art AIoT products that extend beyond conventional visual capabilities to provide a full-spectrum view of the physical world using infrared, x-ray technology, and beyond. Innovations such as these are already delivering deep insights that transform enterprise processes and enhance daily life.

2. Fully integrated, end-to-end solutions, are becoming increasingly popular

The security industry has evolved beyond meeting basic security needs. The strong momentum of end-to-end solutions that could be observed at Intersec reflects a growing adoption of much more comprehensive, integrated security solutions. Typically, these solutions bring together multiple systems, devices, and hardware into a centralized platform.

For instance, enterprises can now benefit from end-to-end security management systems specifically designed for their parks. These systems encompass video security, access control, building automation, equipment maintenance, command center operations, parking management, and health & safety management. Moreover, these end-to-end systems are tailored to suit the needs of small to midsize businesses, featuring compact designs such as smarter office solutions for efficient enterprise access control and collaboration.

The benefits of end-to-end solutions are twofold:

  1. They streamline the process for manufacturers, installers, and system integrators
    making system implementation, delivery, and maintenance far easier.
  2. They provide end users with a cohesive and intuitive user experience
    promoting a unified business management strategy.

Hikvision integrates its diverse product range with partner technologies, creating customized end-to-end solutions for real-world vertical applications. These span smart initiatives for many application areas including buildings, educational institutions, energy resources, transportation systems.

3. Security is increasingly provided through cloud-based solutions

If the variety of cloud-based offerings on display at Intersec is anything to go by, the integration of cloud-based solutions into the security industry is expanding swiftly. Cloud-based solutions enable companies to analyze more comprehensive data for enhanced decision-making and operational insights.

Examples of these solutions include:

  • Cloud-based time and attendance systems
    which facilitate real-time reports and multi-site management capabilities.
  • Enterprise cloud networking systems
    which enable the creation and management of virtual network infrastructures, streamlining deployment, and enhancing scalability and flexibility.
  • Cloud-based access authentication services
    for membership and visitor management in venues like gyms and unmanned shops.

Hikvision demonstrated its cloud-based management technologies and services which are designed to simplify security and networking management, empowering users to remotely set up systems, view network topology, and troubleshoot issues on mobile phone.

At Intersec 2024, Hikvision’s showcase of cutting-edge technologies and innovations captivated visitors, highlighting our service not only to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) markets but also globally. As we enter 2024, we will continuously strive to push the boundaries, integrating new and innovative technologies to provide tailored solutions across various sectors. Through these endeavours, we aim to contribute to a smarter and more secure world.

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