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Genetec Report Discloses Shift Towards Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Genetec’s 2024 State of Physical Security report, based on insights from over 5,500 global security leaders, highlights the growing use of cloud-based solutions in the security market.

Based on the Security World Market article, the Genetec report states that 44% of users now have more than a quarter of their security systems in the cloud or are using a combination of cloud and physical solutions, which increased from 24% last year. Concerns about cybersecurity risks have diminished, with respondents ranking them lower among factors holding back cloud security adoption.

Cloud and hybrid solutions are expected to rise in demand, as 74% of partners expect greater adoption of cloud security among customers. Now, 39% give priority to cloud solutions, while 52% provide them when requested.

This increased use of cloud-based security systems means more collaboration between IT and physical security teams, with 55% allowing IT access to physical security data. Further, 60% of organizations prefer a blend of on-site and cloud solutions, with 15% already storing video data in both locations, up from 4% last year.

According to the article, Christian Morin, VP of Product Engineering/Chief Security Officer at Genetec Inc., stated that this hybrid approach enables businesses to customize security setups and stay adaptable as their needs evolve.

Between August 21 and September 15, 2023, Genetec Inc. conducted a survey of physical security professionals. 5,554 respondents, comprising end users and systems integrators, were included in the sample. The survey samples were drawn from all regions worldwide: North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, Southern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia, and Australia-New Zealand.

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