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Cities Around the World Are Increasingly Using Key Control Systems

Morse Watchmans, an industry leader in key control and asset management systems, reports a rising number of international cities and municipalities installing the company’s flagship key control system, Keywatcher Touch, to secure the buildings, equipment, and vehicles utilised by various municipal departments.

“We take pride in knowing that our systems are being used to facilitate secure and efficient operations for some of the public’s most critical services,”

Tim Purpura, Morse Watchmans VP of Global Sales and Marketing

“From public works to waste departments, courthouses, and beyond, the adoption of our Keywatcher Touch solution continues to resonate positively across so many diverse cities,” added Tim Purpura.

By implementing effective municipal key control measures, cities can mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized key access while maintaining the operational integrity of public works. This proactive approach not only safeguards against potential security breaches but also fosters accountability and responsible use of resources among city employees. In this way, cities and municipalities can establish a foundation of trust and confidence within their communities.

In one instance, the Walworth County Public Works Department in Wisconsin implemented a new Keywatcher Touch system after finding their original key no longer adequately supported the county’s hundreds of keys for government buildings and county fleet vehicles.

After seeing the success of the Keywatcher Touch solution at the Department of Public Works, other departments within Walworth County have also begun installing their own Keywatcher Systems.

“These boxes are starting to catch on, and departments are really thinking about how they will use them for vehicles and building keys,”

John Miller, Senior Project Manager, Walworth County Public Works.

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