Bosch to Acquire US Chipmaker TSI Semiconductors

Bosch plans to acquire assets of the US Roseville, California based chipmaker TSI Semiconductors. The company with 250 employees mainly develops and produces large volumes of chips on 200 mm silicon wafers for applications in the mobility, telecommunications, energy, and life sciences industries.
“With the acquisition of TSI Semiconductors, we are establishing manufacturing capacity for SiC chips in an important sales market while also increasing our semiconductor manufacturing, globally. The existing clean-room facilities and expert personnel in Roseville will allow us to manufacture SiC chips for electromobility on an even larger scale,” says Dr. Stefan Hartung, the chairman of the Bosch board of management.
Over the next few years, Bosch intends to invest more than 1.5 billion USD in the Roseville site and convert the TSI Semiconductors manufacturing facilities to state-of-the-art processes. Starting in 2026, the first chips will be produced on 200 millimetres wafers based on the innovative material silicon carbide (SiC).
“With this planned investment in the U.S., we are also increasing our semiconductor manufacturing, globally,” said Bosch chairman Dr. Stefan Hartung as stated in the BOSCH release.
Silicon carbide-based 200 millimeter wafers will be used to manufacture the first chips in a facility with about 10,000 square meters of clean room space. Bosch has been producing silicon carbide (SiC) chips since 2021 in Germany.

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