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ASSA ABLOY’s ProSecure SR3 Rated Doors Outshine Standard Doors in Attack Demonstration Tests

In its commitment to offering top-tier security solutions, ASSA ABLOY recently conducted a heavy-duty “attack demonstration” test to showcase the resilience of its SR3-rated doors in comparison to standard doors. This demonstration serves as a testament to the robustness and protection provided by its advanced security doors.

SR3 Rated Doors Stand Firm

The test commenced with a standard door, which, as evidenced, swiftly succumbed to breach attempts. This segment of the demonstration, aptly labeled “Attacking Standard Doors,” emphasizes the vulnerability inherent in traditional security measures.

In contrast, ASSA ABLOY’s SR3-rated doors stood resolute against aggressive breach attempts, demanding advanced tools and substantially greater effort to compromise. Engineered with cutting-edge materials and designed to meet stringent security standards, these doors offered rock-solid protection against all attempts at making an unauthorized entry. Their robust construction incorporates multiple layers of defense, ensuring they can withstand sophisticated attacks and deter even the most determined intruders.

By opting for ASSA ABLOY SR3-rated doors, users not only invest in their security but also their peace of mind, knowing that their premises are safeguarded by industry-leading standards.

Meeting the Highest Security Standards

ASSA ABLOY ProSecure doors and frames boast high-security ranges certified by BRE Global Ltd. These doors are meticulously crafted to meet the most rigorous security standards and requirements.

The SR2 Certified ProSecure 2 Doors are ideal for office buildings, small shops, and any business that stores items of significant value, particularly in densely populated areas where unauthorized access attempts are a concern.

For businesses requiring even higher levels of security or those at greater risk of intrusion, ASSA ABLOY offers the SR3-certified ProSecure 3 Doors, equipped with external security features to fortify the users’ premises.

To attain the SR3 classification, the door must withstand attacks lasting up to 5 minutes from intruders armed with large hand tools such as crowbars, hacksaws, hammers, cordless drills, and gas torches.

ProSecure B3 (SR2) and ProSecure C5 (SR3) High Security Doors

ASSA ABLOY’s ProSecure doors and frames, certified by the BRE laboratory in the UK, are designed to meet the highest security standards and requirements. The B3 (SR2) certified doors cater to various establishments, including office buildings, small shops, and businesses operating in densely populated areas.

For businesses requiring heightened security measures or facing increased risks of intrusion, the C5 (SR3) certified doors offer external security features to ensure comprehensive protection.

Characteristics and Applications

ProSecure doors come in a range of sizes per classification, offering single or double-leaf versions with or without vision panels, flush, glazed, or grill options. The door frames, constructed of steel, are welded at the corners for enhanced durability.

Made of steel sheets filled with Rockwool and vertical stiffeners, these doors are designed for maximum resilience. Finishing options include factory-applied primer as standard, pre-coated steel sheets in various colors, stainless steel finish, and wet paint.

The versatility of ProSecure doors extends to their applications, making them suitable for VIP houses, utility buildings, cashier rooms, currency exchanges, box offices, airports, shopping centers, embassies, municipal buildings, hospitals, defense facilities, and stadiums, among others.

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