November 27, 2023
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ZKTeco and Makim Enter Partnership

ZKTeco and Makim, two renowned security solution companies, have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership to work together to enrich their product offer and strengthen their presence in the Turkish market.

Makim is an important player in the security solutions sector. Its representatives expressed their pleasure in joining forces with ZKTeco, a global leader in security technology. For Makim, this partnership means expanding its product portfolio as well as its existing market share.

Within the framework of the partnership, Makim was granted the status of the exclusive Turkish distributor of ZKTeco’s parking ramps. In the future, Makim will also offer new models of ZKTeco’s ramps that are equipped with advanced functions to optimize safety and manage traffic.

These ramps have LED lighting, which facilitates traffic management even in low-light conditions. There’s also collision avoidance technology with automatic shutdown support via infrared, radar, and inductive loop detectors, further enhancing safety measures. ZKTeco’s ramps also offer the possibility of adjusting the direction and length of the arm according to the needs of the specific installation. In this way, they ensure the smooth flow of traffic and efficient security management.

The partnership between ZKTeco and Makim highlights the joint determination of both companies to offer state-of-the-art security solutions adapted to the growing needs of the Turkish market. Through a focus on innovation and cooperation, this partnership should raise security standards and operational efficiency for businesses and individuals in the Turkish market.

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