November 27, 2023
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VMS Evolution – VAST Security Station

Beginning in early 2023, VIVOTEK will release to the market a new and greatly improved video management system. VAST Security Station (VSS) is VIVOTEK’s newest offering to security VMS, with new solutions that expand beyond its predecessor VAST 2. The camera license methodology has been updated, with 3 different options for VSS.  For entry users, there is VSS Lite (which supports up to 32 channels). VSS Standard is available for SMB users (supports up to 64 channels).  For large-scale projects and power users, there is VSS PRO (supports 65+ channels).

In September of this year at the security tradeshow Essen, VSS was presented for the first time. Soon after it was demonstrated again in Zagreb at the A&S Adria Summit, followed by another demonstration one week later in Hungary by our partner at the Alphasonic Expo.  Feedback from these VSS presentations was overwhelmingly positive, with most visitors impressed with the new solutions added to VSS.

The presentation of VSS at the a&s Adria Summit included a live demo. At the main entrance, one camera was installed for monitoring and recording. Over the course of two days, the a&s Adria Summit had more than 2,500 visitors. Given a large number of people at the event, VSS was given the opportunity to demonstrate live its newest technology feature: Deep Search. Visitors were able to use VSS and Deep Search to easily find themselves from the main entrance camera footage. Many used their clothing information (top color, bottom color) as search criteria to find themselves. In the end, Deep Search proved very useful as all participants found themselves very easily. Some even found it fun.

Deep Search uses AI to improve search functionality, and it is comprised of three main functions: Attribute Search, Scene Search, and Re-Search. No longer relying on scrolling through the video footage frame by frame, VIVOTEK Object Analytic cameras provide metadata to enable intelligent video evidence search. By utilizing metadata-defined attributes and rules, Deep Search provides smarter, faster, and easier post-event search analysis.

Attribute Search uses specific attributes (e.g. gender, age group, clothing/vehicle color, vehicle type, etc.) to quickly and accurately search for people/vehicles. With Attribute Search, users can narrow down their search parameters to specific factors, such as a red motorcycle or blue shirt female.

Scene Search allows users to quickly review VIVOTEK Object Analytic camera footage by using intrusion, line crossing, or loitering detection on the recorded video. For example, using line crossing detection, users can draw a line at a point of interest in the video footage and select a time period to quickly find results of all events where someone, or vehicle, crossed that line.

A special addition to the in-depth investigation of recorded material is the Re-Search function. After finding a person of interest on one camera, users can use that image to search for them again (i.e. Re-Search) across all other cameras in the entire VSS system. This helps users identify and track all the activities of this person of interest throughout the property.

VSS is only taking over where VAST 2 left off. Many popular functions from VAST 2 will continue on in VSS, including:

  • Recognition of license plates
  • Management of Cybersecurity events
  • Analytical events from cameras (Line Crossing Detection, Loitering Detection, Intrusion Detection, Face Detection, Missing Object Detection, Unattended Object Detection, Crowd Detection, Smart Tracking, Running Detection, Parking Violation Detection, Restricted Zone Detection)

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