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Uniarch – Life In Focus, Record Your Wonderful Life By Uniarch

Uniarch is a new brand created by Uniview Technologies. With more than 10 years of experience and technology accumulation, we provides easy-to-use and cost-effective products in Uniarch, ranging from IP security system to video conference devices, for home and SMB business worldwide.

With its “Life in focus” in mind, Uniarch is paving the way for the changes: to achieve that, we make effort in transforming people’s day to day lives, as well as businesses of every size. Via optimizing for ease of use, we leave rooms for what’s matter the most. By business empowerment, we entail creating an environment that fosters growth. Uniarch envisions a world where enables everyone to a fulfilling life.

Uniarch includes IP cameras and video recorders that is the optimal option for the small-to-medium business applications such as residential, retail stores. They are capable of providing Ultra 265, maximum 95% bandwidth and storage reduction, wide dynamic range to ensure excellent image with significant foreground and background illumination difference.

Similarities Between Uniview and Uniarch
With this new line from Uniview, you’re going to get several of the same features you’re used to, as well as having full compatibility with any products you already have. Uniarch cameras work seamlessly with Uniview NVRs. However, there are some additional features Uniarch NVRs will only support with Uniview cameras, like auto tracking and human body detection. Uniarch cameras do not include these features, but many Uniview models do. Any Uniview cameras currently on your EZView app will be able to be seen together with your new Uniarch cameras since they share a cloud account. It is a bonus that Uniarch is compatible with most Uniview products, but Uniarch is also a full line on its own. Meaning, you’ll be able to get cameras, recorders, and monitors all under this line of products. You can expect the same stunning quality of imagery across both product lines.

Differences Between Uniview and Uniarch
With the Uniarch camera, to bring it more into the consumer realm, you can expect some other difference in the way the camera is put together. In most Uniview products, and most professional cameras in general, they’re going to have a durable metal build. They’re going to be feature rich and include things like AI and smart events. In typical consumer products you’re just going to see basic motion detection. Uniview products have these enhanced features, but some of these are not really necessary for basic consumer needs.The Uniarch is made of a durable, weatherproof plastic instead of metal, but it’s still going to hold up really well. It has basic motion detection but won’t have the AI capabilities.

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