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UAE Implements Single Sign-On for Online Access Services

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented a single sign-on authentication service, known as the UAE Pass, across all its online services.

Initially launched in February 2021, the UAE Pass has been extended to encompass 6,000 government and private-sector services, with the aim of allowing users to create verified accounts in under five minutes. In East Africa, Kenya is also striving to enable access to approximately 5,000 government services through its program called “Gava Mkononi” or “government on touch,” with plans to issue digital IDs within the next three months.

The UAE Pass operates as a mobile app that can be downloaded from Apple Store or Play Store and requires biometric verification through the scanning of the user’s face and physical Emirates ID card. This digital ID card can be used for various tasks, including opening bank accounts and obtaining mobile connections. It eliminates the need for users to enter usernames and passwords when accessing services.

Furthermore, French medical data-analysis firm Visiomed is collaborating with the UAE government to collect biometric data for the Emirates ID physical card, facilitating medical fitness tests and quick ID biometric submissions through its subsidiary, Smart Salem. Smart Salem claims to provide the fastest delivery of results and biometrics in Dubai, typically within 30 minutes. Although Visiomed is collecting face templates, the specific purpose of this data collection with the Dubai International Finance Centre remains undisclosed.


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