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Dubai Municipality and DIEZ Authority to Advance Drone Technologies and Infrastructure

Dubai Municipality has partnered with Dubai Integrated Economic Zones (DIEZ) Authority to support the implementation of the Dubai Horizons System. The system aims to establish a comprehensive plan and infrastructure for the advancement of drone technologies in the city. Through this memorandum of understanding (MoU), the municipality and DIEZ will collaborate on planning drone routes, identifying airport locations, and designating low-altitude airspace landing spots. The partnership intends to bolster Dubai’s aviation sector and enhance its global standing as a role model for innovative solutions. The agreement also includes the exchange of data, digital information, and expertise in geographic information systems (GIS). Both parties will provide the necessary infrastructure for storing and sharing the collected information, while also offering consulting services and organizing workshops to ensure coordination and compatibility with future urban plans.

The MoU underscores the commitment of Dubai Municipality and DIEZ Authority to leverage their respective expertise and resources in advancing the development of drone technologies. By sharing databases, digital information, and 3D charts, the entities aim to establish comprehensive planning standards for low-altitude airspace in Dubai Silicon Oasis. This collaborative effort will enable the efficient and safe operation of drones, paving the way for the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into various sectors.

Additionally, the partnership includes provisions for supporting the pilot phase of the project, such as assisting with the implementation of drone route planning and low-altitude airspace landing locations. DIEZ Authority will provide expertise in organizing specialized workshops in the region and offering engineering and planning legislation approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. The coordination between Dubai Municipality and DIEZ aims to ensure seamless compatibility between low-altitude airspace planning and the city’s future urban plans, facilitating sustainable and harmonious development.

Through this partnership, Dubai demonstrates its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and promoting a conducive environment for innovation. By establishing robust infrastructure and planning standards for drones, the city is positioning itself as a global leader in the adoption and integration of unmanned aerial vehicles, contributing to the advancement of various industries and reinforcing its reputation as a forward-thinking metropolis.

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