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Doha: Second Gulf Housing Week in Doha

The “a&s Middle East” editorial team participated in the Second Gulf Housing Week, held in Doha from May 13 to May 16. The event gathered experts in housing and urban development from across the GCC region.

A key session featured Eng. Khaled Al Sayed, Board Member of the Qatar Society of Engineers, and Eng. Ahmed bin Eid Al Yabsi, Director General of the General Administration of Urban Development at Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. They discussed applying value engineering during the design phase to boost project efficiency. This method, introduced in the GCC in 2000, focuses on optimizing project performance and reducing costs.

The session emphasized the benefits of early incorporation of value engineering in projects. Eng. Al Sayed and Eng. Al Yabsi shared insights on how this approach aligns with sustainable development goals and enhances urban projects’ quality and efficiency in the region.

The “a&s Middle East” team’s participation highlighted their commitment to industry advancements and provided valuable coverage of the event’s key discussions, reinforcing their role as a leading industry voice in the region.

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