November 27, 2023

Compact For Convenience – The G40, Checkpoint Systems Newest Space-Saving EAS Antenna

XXX 2019 –Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source to shopper solutions, has today announced the launch of the G40, a small footprint acrylic antenna specifically designed to tackle theft in convenience stores.

With small format stores growing at an exponential rate globally, the need to protect merchandise in high traffic, small footprint environments is increasing. The compact RF-based, G40 EAS antenna offers a solution to cover areas where installation of traditional EAS proves challenging. Maximising space for product displays, delivering accurate detection between pedestals while back-shielding against false alarms caused by customers walking behind the antenna.

The antenna, built on Checkpoint’s trusted EVOLVE electronics platform, delivers full system connectivity for remote servicing, management reporting and system updates to minimise downtime.

Simon Edgar, Senior Director of EAS Solutions at Checkpoint Systems commented: “The G40’s high-performance, small form factor, focusses on tough to protect areas offering retailers a cost effective, efficient EAS antenna that doesn’t eat into valuable space, meaning retailers can still maximise selling space while minimising losses.”

The G40 is available immediately.

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