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By Strengthening AI Investments Uae Companies Plan to Improve Cybersecurity

Approximately 95% of UAE-based organizations plan to boost their investments in artificial intelligence to strengthen their cybersecurity framework.

According to research conducted by Palo Alto Networks, 81% of CEOs in the UAE recognize the significance of AI as a vital enabler. They view this rapidly evolving technology as essential in their organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

As organizations swiftly embrace new technologies, it becomes crucial for them to enhance their cybersecurity measures. In particular, improving their capacity to identify and react to threats immediately is crucial.

Through the integration of AI into their cybersecurity approaches, businesses in the UAE and the broader region can enhance their defenses against a diverse spectrum of cyber threats. This includesshortened response times and attaining more comprehensive insights into their security readiness. When combined with cybersecurity measures like employee training, and strong policies, such advancements can contribute to a multi-layered security approach.

According to the study, a significant 94 percent of respondents in the UAE are well aware of the potential cyber risks. Additionally, 89 percent believe their organizations are well-prepared to tackle cyber threats. Nevertheless, 52 percent of the organizations surveyed reported a rise in cyberattacks within the last year.

Some of the largest cybersecurity breaches affected prominent UAE companies like Careem. Hackers illicitly obtained customer and driver data including email addresses, phone numbers, and trip history from the computer system. Fortunately, passwords and credit card details remained secure as they were encrypted and not subject to theft.

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