December 5, 2023
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AI-Powered IP Cameras from Vivotek Go for a Smarter Surveillance

VIVOTEK aims to provide its customers with a smarter and safer surveillance experience by integrating A.I. technology into its IP cameras. VIVOTEK A.I.-based IP cameras have features such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, object detection, and counting. These features help customers make faster and more accurate decisions.

For example, the VIVOTEK A.I.-based IP camera FD9387-FR-v2 can recognize specific individuals and monitor a specific area thanks to its facial recognition feature. With this feature, when a person is identified, the system can automatically trigger an alarm or send a notification to security personnel. It can be identified as ideal for use in retail, banking, and hospital environments. In addition, the system can provide value-added solutions to businesses such as VIP customer management and staff attendance tracking.

As another solution, the IB9387-LPR-v2 has A.I.-supported license plate recognition. With this feature, it can recognize the license plates of specific vehicles and help automate and increase efficiency in parking and access solutions, providing a better customer experience. It also provides added value in various traffic applications such as traffic management, violation detection, vehicle counting, and similar applications.

In addition, for the retail sector, the SC9133-RTL product with A.I. support produces information such as person counting, in-store layout improvement, promotion evaluation, staff planning, and control of service times by tracking object paths, aiming to elevate the customer experience to the highest level. It can distinguish individuals or groups, including adults or children, from non-human objects such as shopping carts and baby strollers, and provide accurate counting analytics even during the busiest and most crowded times.

Of course, in addition to these vertical market solutions, A.I.-supported Smart Video Content Analysis makes traditional IP CCTV systems smarter. It particularly benefits security systems for factories or any facilities, preventing security breaches before they occur.

VIVOTEK consolidates all its A.I.-supported solutions on the VSS (Vast Security Station) VMS software, providing end-to-end smart and secure surveillance experience to customers and making VIVOTEK a leading company in the security industry. Additionally, it offers extensive search options for humans and vehicles classified by AI cameras.

In conclusion, VIVOTEK integrates A.I. technology into its IP cameras, NVR devices, and software, providing a smarter and safer surveillance experience to its customers, and distinguishing itself as a leading company in the security industry.

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