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UNV’s New OwlView Series Paves Way for NightView 5.0 Era

UNV is going to release a new NightView product series – OwlView Series cameras with Wise-ISP technology that is expected to dominate the market. As this series will usher in the NightView 5.0 era, it’s time to see what it brings to the table.

It all started in 2008 with Nightview 1.0. Back then, infrared compensation technology was used, based on which infrared light would turn on automatically with night vision.  In 2013, the Nightview 2.0 era started with Starlight technology. Sensor technology upgrade included the BSI backlighting as a result of which sensitivity increased by 20-40%. Color images at night in low light performed better.

2015 saw the introduction of Nightview 3 with Super Starlight technology. The upgrades included bringing the sensor size to 1/1.8″ and the lens to F1.2. This enhanced the color effect of night images by increasing the amount of incoming light under certain low illumination conditions. In 2018, Nightview 4.0 was launched with the implementation of full-color technology. White light(warm light)was applied to get color images throughout the night. Sensor and lens technology was also optimized.

In 2024, UNV is going to release products from the Owlview Series as part of the new NightView 5.0 era. When 1/1.8″ sensor and F1.0 aperture reaches the hardware limits, UNV applies Wise-ISP technology. In very low light (0.0003Lux), colorful video can be achieved without turning on the LED.

What is OwlView

In terms of technology, UNV released a large industry-grade model Wutong in 2023. This is the UNV AIOT (Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things) patented industry model. Wutong Model integrates computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), which can fully meet the needs of diverse tasks and scenarios. Alongside the release of Wise-ISP technology, Wutong will easily find its place in any image processing scenario.

Key technology in image processing is Wise-ISP technology. When the hardware (1/1.8 sensor + F1.0 lens) reaches the upper limit of image capability, it is necessary to rely on more advanced software ISP technology to improve the image effect. Based on the Wutong engine, image noise models in various environments can be established. According to the different noise models, it is possible to effectively optimize and improve the image effect in various environments, especially under extremely low illumination.

The OwlView series products are part of the EasyStar entry-level series. Thus, it is possible to get advanced hardware and software at a cost-effective price. Other IR cameras can lose color information at night while white light cameras will result in white light pollution. To improve this, the OwlView series provides users with the most realistic color images without the need for supplementary light.

Product Layout

The new naming rule uses ” -WP ” to denote Wise-ISP products. The OwlView series products in the EasyStar series have 4MP resolution and include bullet, turret, and dome models. All of them use a 1/1.8 sensor and F1.0 lens.  The whole series supports Ultra Motion Detection (based on human and vehicle) technology which makes it possible to distinguish the targets easily and save time when going through playbacks. OwlView series products have no infrared lights. The bullet and turret models have two warm lights while the dome model doesn’t feature these. This is the first dome-shaped product in the UNV color camera series.


Firstly, the OwlView series reduces light pollution. Traditional full-color IPCs keep the lights on throughout the night, which can be glaring and disrupt people’s rest. However, the OwlView series can supply color images without supplementary light, thereby minimizing light pollution. Additionally, it ensures that crucial details of people and vehicles are not lost and that cameras can capture colorful details. Therefore, this series is suitable for dark and white light-sensitive areas and so on. For more information please visit

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