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Security Industry Comes Full Circle: Inside the Heart of Dubai’s Axis Experience Center

In the heart of the bustling metropolis of Dubai, Axis Communications has unveiled its pioneering Axis Experience Center (AEC). As the first of its kind in the MEA region, the AEC promises visitors an exclusive glimpse into the realm of network and security solutions, all under the guidance of Axis’s Key Account Manager, Bashar Aldaoud who captivated us with his expert guidance while unveiling a world of technological wonders within the security industry

By Mirza Bahić

Nestled amidst Dubai’s high-tech landscape, the AEC is an immersive destination designed to showcase a broad spectrum of security products. Guided by Mr. Bashar Aldaoud, whose affable demeanor and broad knowledge engaged us from the start, we venture into the heart of the state-of-the-art facility called Axis Experience Center. Initially, as we embark on a virtual city simulation, the contrast from the bustling streets of Dubai leaves us eager for a more “tangible” experience. Yet, our host quickly emphasizes that what we are witnessing is no mere simulation.

Navigating Verticals via Immersion

“Okay, so this is our industry immersion part of the tool,” Aldaoud gestures toward a vibrant simulation of a city displayed on a screen. “This part,” he continues, “shows a simulation of a city, complete with different verticals and diverse customers. We’ve got retail, healthcare, banking, and critical infrastructure, each with its unique security needs. Our commitment to meeting unique client needs remains at the forefront of our mission”, Aldaoud asserts as he navigates us through the array of solutions.

His engaging demeanor infuses the tour with a sense of purpose, as he delves into the dynamics of each vertical, adding that Axis meticulously curates solutions that address specific security concerns and operational efficiency for each vertical. “We show solutions that cover the facility from the outside to the inside, from analytics to operational efficiency,” Aldaoud explains.

As Aldaoud guides us through the array of technologies, it becomes evident that Axis thrives on collaboration. “We work closely with our ecosystem partners to offer comprehensive solutions,” he says. “By combining Axis technologies with those of our partners, we create a holistic approach to security.” He highlights an example of intrusion protection which demonstrates an intricate amalgamation of technologies, such as thermal sensors, audio technology, PTZ cameras, and AI analytics to effectively detect and deter potential threats.

Three Layers of Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure

“Our approach to intrusion protection is based on three layers of video surveillance,” Aldaoud emphasizes. “Detection, verification, and deterrence.” He points to a warning displayed on a screen, showcasing the kind of deterrent measures Axis offers for the critical infrastructure sector that, according to him, extraordinary levels of security,

Describing it as one of Axis’s key areas of interest, he states that “Axis delves into layers of security, including perimeter security, intrusion protection, access control, and after-hours security for staff.”

As the tour continues, Aldaoud leads us further into the realm of Axis’s security offerings, showcasing the dynamic range of products that cater to the ever-evolving demands of modern security challenges. A vivid showcase follows as Aldaoud elucidates how Axis’s thermal technology, audio integration, and PTZ cameras collaborate to ensure comprehensive perimeter security.

However, the security umbrella extends beyond the outer boundaries. Aldaoud’s hands deftly navigate the presentation, highlighting the importance of access control solutions at gateways. “Our radar technology also plays a pivotal role,” he notes, illustrating how it serves as an after-hours sentinel for internal areas, assuring an additional layer of safety.

Our approach to intrusion protection is based on three layers of video surveillance: detection, verification, and deterrence

Axis’s ‘Hot’ Arctic-Powered Cameras

As we venture deeper into the Axis Experience Center, the technological marvels become increasingly memorable. Our guide takes us through this innovation oasis to unravel the intricate capabilities of Axis’s latest camera offerings.

“At the core of our demonstration is the fusion of our cutting-edge cameras with the revolutionary Arctic Chip,” Aldaoud explains. “This processor, embedded within our latest Axis cameras, brings with it unprecedented power and functionality.” His fingers trace the contours of the camera, punctuating his words with emphasis. “The Arctic Temperature Control (ATC) mechanism ensures these cameras operate seamlessly even in the harshest cold environments.”

“It’s not just about power,” Aldaoud continues. “The true brilliance lies in the embedded deep learning processing unit. This empowers the camera to perform complex classifications of objects, including humans and vehicles, along with their various subcategories.” The fusion of technology and innovation is palpable as he expounds upon the camera’s capabilities.

Stepping into a real-time demonstration, Aldaoud’s excitement becomes contagious. “Here, we showcase a live demo of this technology in action,” he announces. “The application linked with the camera allows you to configure scenarios for triggering actions like loitering, zone crossing, people counting, and more.” He stresses how these scenarios are set directly on the camera, minimizing the need for excessive bandwidth and storage in video surveillance solutions.

With an inviting smile, Aldaoud directs our reporter into a designated area. “Step into what we call a warning area,” he gestures, providing a real-time scenario for the demonstration. The exchange between our reporter and Aldaoud is a seamless blend of instruction and engagement. “As you step into the warning area,” he explains, “an audio notification is triggered.” The accompanying beeping sound reinforces the point, underscoring the camera’s immediate response to predefined triggers.

“What truly sets our solutions apart,” Aldaoud concludes, “is the Axis device-to-device communication. This empowers clients to automate actions based on the AI analytics embedded in the camera.” The synergy between technology and practicality is tangible, promising a future where innovation transcends mere possibilities.

The Arctic Temperature Control (ATC) mechanism ensures these cameras operate seamlessly even in the harshest cold environments

Unlocking Next-Gen Security with Audio-Visual Synergy

Amid the dynamic landscape of technology and security, Aldaoud’s tour through the Axis Experience Center provides an illuminating glimpse into different layers of modern security solutions.

“The realm of possibilities extends further than one might imagine,” Aldaoud begins, as his explanation of multiple levels of triggers beckons our attention. “We offer both warning areas and alarm areas, each integrated seamlessly into the fabric of our security solutions.”

With a gentle nod, Aldaoud directs our reporter to engage in a hands-on experience. “Would you kindly step into this designated area?” he gestures, as anticipation builds for the next demonstration.

As our reporter follows his instructions and steps into the designated area, the room comes alive with a sequence of actions. “Notice how the speaker activates when you step into the alarm area,” Aldaoud points out as he demonstrates his company’s commitment to ensuring seamless integration between technology and human actions.”

Aldaoud’s enthusiasm is palpable as he unveils yet another facet of Axis’s capabilities. “At Axis, we’re renowned for our high-quality network cameras,” he explains. “However, we’ve extended our expertise to encompass network audio solutions that harmoniously complement video surveillance.” The convergence of audio and visual elements underscores the synergy Axis envisions.

“Imagine triggering audio messages through IP network speakers,” Aldaoud elaborates. “These messages can be customized based on analytics or pre-recorded for specific scenarios.” His description unfolds to include an array of almost countless auralapplications, from background music to live announcements from control rooms. Now, what’s the mainstay of these solutions? “Deterrence”, quips Aldaoud”.

“Statistics tell us that 80% of intrusions are deterred by audio messages,” Aldaoud states, his conviction unwavering. According to him, the power of sound, when harnessed effectively, becomes a force for proactive security.” It’s a seemingly simple but profound realization that underscores the transformative nature of Axis’s innovations.

80% of intrusions are deterred by audio messages. The power of sound, when harnessed effectively, becomes a force for proactive security

Vision Beyond Boundaries: Axis’s Far-Sighted Optic Chip

Next,  we are invited to uncover the revolutionary capabilities of Axis’s optic chip.

“The heart of our innovation lies within the optic chip,” Aldaoud emphasizes, his eyes gleaming with excitement. “This chip, meticulously designed, opens the door to a world of possibilities.” He soon delves into the capabilities that lie at the intersection of technology and creativity.

“Imagine an open platform,” Aldaoud continues, as he draws a parallel to familiar app stores for mobile devices. “Much like Apple and Google have app stores for smartphones, we offer a similar ecosystem for our cameras.” His analogy serves as a bridge between the familiar and the groundbreaking, setting the stage for what’s to come.

As Aldaoud continues, it becomes clear that he wants us to understand that Axis’s vision goes beyond the traditional security paradigms. “Software developers are capitalizing on this open platform,” he explains. “They’re crafting applications that expand the camera’s capabilities beyond security. Whether it is water level measurement, people counting, or smoke detection,” Aldaoud elaborates, “our cameras are now platforms for diverse functions.” The fusion of deep learning embedded within the cameras with an open platform ethos unlocks a realm of potential. As Aldaoud invites us to understand this contrast, we begin to understand that he, obliquely, invites us to understand what sets Axis apart from the competition.

“Our open platform and the deep learning technology embedded within our cameras distinguish us,” he declares, a conviction evident in his tone. In other words, this marriage of high-quality video and cutting-edge CPU is supposed to serve as a canvas, of sorts, for software developers to create tailored solutions that can resonate with diverse industries.

Much like Apple and Google have app stores for smartphones, Axis offers a similar ecosystem for its cameras

Innovations in a Realm of Shadows and Light

Immersed in thoughts about the endless possibilities that modern-day security solutions can offer across the sectors, we follow Aldaoud into a darkened room within the Axis Experience Center. Here, we are going to learn more about the force that fusestechnology and imagination in the most sensible way possible: the power of innovation.

“Imagine a world where darkness does not hinder vision,” Aldaoud begins, his voice resonating in a darkened room. “Within this room, we showcase three distinct technologies that revolutionize the way we perceive low-light conditions.”

As Aldaoud delves into the first of the showcased technologies – the Light Finder. “The Light Finder technology emerged in 2011 as part of a sustainability and energy-saving endeavor,” he explains. “Traditionally, cameras required specific lighting conditions to capture images. However, our Light Finder Technology changed the narrative by allowing color images in the lowest light conditions. In low-light environments, traditional cameras transition to black and white, sacrificing color detail,” Aldaoud continues. “Our Light Finder defies this norm, offering color images and preserving forensic details even in the dimmest settings.”

Next, he underscores how these nuances can be pivotal in the security game

“Our demonstrations encompass storage and bandwidth optimization,” he states. “But perhaps most intriguing is the integration of thermal technology.” His hands move deftly, illustrating how thermal cameras can go beyond the limitations of conventional setups. “In a world without light, thermal cameras remain vigilant,” he adds. “While traditional cameras falter in complete darkness,” Aldaoud remarks, “thermal technology rises to the occasion.” His words are a testament to Axis’s pursuit of solutions that transcend boundaries imposed on the company’s clients by the very laws of physics.

In this dark room, illuminated by technology’s beacon, it seems that Axis Communications doesn’t just illuminate spaces, but rather shines the light on the realm of diverse possibilities offered by security technologies.

Light Finder defies norms by offering color images and preserving forensic details even in the dimmest settings

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