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SECON & eGISEC 2024 takes place in March with the subject of ‘Safer world with AI’

  • Globally well-known as the only integrated security exhibition covering both physical security and cyber security sectors
  • Scheduled for 20-22 March 2024 at hall 3-5, KINTEX, Korea, on the largest ever
  • Featuring about 350+ domestic and international companies with 1,500+ booths showcasing stateof-the-art security related hi-tech solutions and products ○
  • Hosting 100+ sessions in 15 tracks, including e-Government Information Security Conference and Security World Conference ○
  • Offering fruitful programmes creating business opportunities for three days

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping technology trends and challenges across all industries, including IT industry, akin to a black hole. Worldwide, global IT companies are pushing the boundaries of AI technologies, including the evolution of generative AI. Effectively utilizing AI in business is becoming a prominent discussion among general companies, with a particular emphasis on the security industry.

AI proves its effectiveness in various sectors such as crowd management, disaster prevention, marketing, and traffic and parking control, alongside crime prevention often associated with CCTV cameras. In the cyber security sector, security solutions combined with generative AI are achieving substantial performance improvements. Whereas, cybercriminals are also exploiting AI technology to identify attack penetration routes, such as vulnerabilities, and create attack tools with AI, intensifying AI security risks. Consequently, responding effectively to increasingly intelligent AI security risks while utilizing AI for security enhancement has become a universal challenge for all companies aiming to create a ‘Safer world with AI’.

Especially, in the domestic security market, the government has designated cyber security as one of the 12 national strategic technologies. Following the government’s establishment of a roadmap focusing on △ Data, AI security, △ Digital vulnerability analysis and response, △ Network, and cloud security, as well as △ Industrial and convergence security technologies, the physical security industry is expected to continue its high growth trends, exceeding 12.8% of an average annual growth rate over the past three years. With the prospect of effective integration of the security industry with AI technology, significant synergy effects are anticipated.

Remarkable integration of AI and Advanced Security Technology

SECON & eGISEC 2024 provides a valuable moment to witness firsthand how AI, a megatrend across all industries, is seamlessly integrated and applied in advanced security technology within the security industry. The 23rd SECON & eGISEC 2024 stands as the world’s only integrated security exhibition encompassing both physical security and cyber security industry. Beyond showcasing physical security products like CCTV, access control, biometrics, and infrared sensors such as PIR and PID for social security, the exhibition will present a comprehensive array of security solutions for both online and offline applications. These encompass antiviruses tailored to confront diverse hacking and cybercrime scenarios such as ransomware attacks, as well as EDR, NDR, and XDR systems capable of addressing endpoint and network security threats in a unified manner. Additionally, cloud security and AIpowered security will be showcased, presenting a comprehensive full range of security solutions for both online and offline applications. Furthermore, this year, the government has unveiled its commitment to fostering physical security, including intelligent CCTV, as one of new growth engine industries, with cyber security. The government’s dedication to nurturing both the physical security and cyber security industry is robust and this initiative is part of the government’s broader strategy to enhance global competitiveness in the local information security industry. Consequently, this exhibition is anticipated to serve as an optimal platform for the security industry to exhibit the world-class advanced security products and solutions developed by local companies to the global market.

Set to Kick off Conferences and Seminars with 15 Tracks and 100+ Sessions for 3 Days

These concurrent events surely contain more than 100 concurrent sessions across 15 tracks, sharing the latest security technologies and information in each of areas and themes. △ Security World Conference 2024, △ eGISEC Conference 2024, △ Integrated CCTV Control Conference in 2024, △ Industrial Security Trend 2024, △The 1st CPO Workshop 2024, △ Technology Transfer Seminar of National R&D 2024(Information Security R&D Seminar), △ The 4th Certified Privacy Protection General Forum, △ The 9th Aviation Security Symposium, △ Seoul Metropolitan Cyber Security Workshop 2024 △ Korea Association for Terrorism Studies (KATS) Open Conference 2024 △ The 3rd Future Aviation Security Forum, and others.

In particular, at Security World Conference, senior analysts specializing in the physical security and cyber security markets from OMDIA(https://omdia.tech.informa.com), a global market research organization, share global security trends and market forecasts for this year with attendees who want to learn and gain insights, ideas, and inspiration. Unlike other conferences and seminars, all sessions at Security World Conference 2024 held on 21 March 2024 offer a simultaneous translation service for attendees in English and Korean. If you want to be an attendee, you can register the Security World Conference via the link. And eGISEC Conference shares the latest trends related to e-government such as cyber-attack response, information protection and informatization, and products for procurement, and make actively progressed for three days to introduce their security solutions and technologies from domestic and overseas security solution companies including K-ICT startups at the open conference room in the exhibition hall.

Promoting Exhibitors’ Business Expansion to Abroad via Business Support Programme

This year, about 350+ exhibitors from 30 countries worldwide showcase their latest products and solutions. And VIP hosted buyers and the public officers related to security, safety, and policing and defence from 12 countries visit the exhibition to witness and experience the high-tech products and solutions produced by all exhibitors. The TF team for business matching of the event organiser provides the service to match the business meetings between VIP hosted buyers and delegates, and the exhibitors, leveraging the strong global network of Informa Markets, the world’s largest exhibition organiser. Additionally, consultation hosted by Ministry of Strategy and Finance’s One-Stop Export and Order Support Center, will be provided during the event days.

Moreover, the exhibition is expected to draw more than 25,000+ visitors, including security and information protection personnel, procurement professionals, system integrators(SIs), system operators(SOs), CISOs, CPOs, CIOs, developers, programmers, and other security industry players and experts across various sectors.

Also, ‘Cyber Security Threats Experience Zone’ is a notable highlight, which allows attendees to interactively experience major cyber security threats and countermeasures such as smartphone hacking, dark web exploration, passwordless authentication, and quantum cryptography. And there are ‘K-ICT Startup Pavilion’, offering quick access to innovative products from promising startup companies in the ICT and security sectors, and the ‘National Information Protection R&D Promotion Center’, where the advanced information protection products and the latest security technologies are showcased, along with briefings on information protection R&D technology transfer.

Mr. Lee, Ki-Joo, Chairman of the SECON & eGISEC Organizing Committee, says on the industry’s current challenges, stating, “The security industry is increasingly recognizing the necessity for cyber coordination to confront a more powerful cybercrime ecosystem. SECON & eGISEC 2024 will focus on ‘creating a safer world’ by incorporating AI, addressing topics such as AI CCTV and intelligent access control solutions in the physical security sector, as well as integrated security solutions like XDR, SOAR, endpoint security to protect new phishing attacks effectively. And OT security in response to frequent attacks on infrastructure, zero trust and supply chain security, and trends in authentication security, such as passwordless and cloud security, will be key subjects of the exhibition and conference.”

※ SECON & eGISEC 2024 Pre-registration: click here
※ 2024 Exhibitor Digital Showroom: click here

Event Overview

1. Event Name : SECON & eGISEC 2024
2. Event Dates : 20(Wed) – 22(Fri) March, 2024
3. Opening Hours : 10:00 – 17:00 (KST)
4. Venue : Hall 3-5, KINTEX, Korea
5. Organisers : Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of the Interior and Safety
6. Fair Manager : SECON & eGISEC Organising Committee
7. Sponsors : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Korea Defense Industry Trade Support Center
Korea Internet & Security Agency
Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute
Korea Council of Chief Information Security Officers
8. Conferences and Seminars △Security World Conference 2024, △eGISEC Conference 2024, △Integrated CCTV Control Conference in 2024, △Industrial Security Trend 2024, △The 1st CPO Workshop 2024, △ Technology Transfer Seminar of National R&D 2024(Information Security R&D Seminar), △The 4th Certified Privacy Protection General Forum, △ The 9th Aviation Security Symposium, △ Seoul Metropolitan Cyber Security Workshop 2024 △Korea Association for Terrorism Studies (KATS) Open Conference 2024 △The 3rd Future Aviation Security Forum and others
9. Visitor Profiles
1) Industrial Classification ��Central/Local Government ��Security Equipment/SI ��IT ��Telecom/Electronics/Data/Cloud ��Semiconductor/SoC/Energy/Automobile/Shipbuilding ��Education/Law ��Bank/Finance/Insurance ��Construction/Real Estate ��Medical/Pharmacy 2) Job Classification ��Computation/Network/System Operator ��Engineer/Maintenance/Facility ��Security/Privacy Officer ��Business Developer/Marketing/Sales ��CEO/President ��Purchasing/Procurement ��CISO/CPO/DPO/CIO/CTO/CFO ��Consultant/HR ��Professor

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