December 5, 2023
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Roboday Event Unvailed World’s First Robocity

Dubai’s First Robotics-Specific Pitch Competition, Roboday PitchDay, Showcases Innovations

Dubai, UAE – Roboday PitchDay, the inaugural robotics-specific pitch competition in the UAE, recently concluded with resounding success, unveiling groundbreaking advancements in robotics technology.

The event, held in collaboration with Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the Special Economic Zone for Knowledge and Innovation and a member of the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ), showcased Dubai’s unwavering commitment to spearheading global progress in the field of robotics.

Roboday PitchDay provided an exceptional platform for a select group of UAE-based robotic startups to demonstrate their inventive solutions and disruptive technologies, captivating the attention of potential investors, customers, and partners alike.

Among the participating startups were notable names such as Junkbot Inc, RoboAds, Wehead, Robosculptor, AirQ, VLT Robotics (Xbot), Zdynco (Robocast), CML Technologies (iDroid), Eanan, and Dexter Robotics. Additionally, the event featured lab AgriX and Arachne, two spin-offs from the esteemed DSO-based RIT Dubai university.

Moreover, during the event, the Roboday initiative group unveiled their vision for the world’s first Robocity—a fully automated residential district. This visionary concept envisions a seamless integration of automation and robotization into everyday life, fostering the safe and secure implementation of breakthrough technologies and propelling technological advancements.

Ghanem Al Falasi, Senior Vice President of the Technology Ecosystem & Development Office at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), emphasized the significance of Roboday PitchDay, stating, “Roboday PitchDay exemplifies the rapid growth and innovation within the UAE’s robotics industry. Dubai, renowned as a global hub for technological advancements, is now firmly asserting its leadership in robotics technology. The remarkable success of Roboday PitchDay marks a significant milestone in the UAE’s journey to become a global tech leader by 2030.”

Anna Kovalerskaya, Founder of CML Technologies and a founding member of Roboday, expressed her delight, saying, “The event surpassed our expectations in terms of the quality of presentations and the participants’ engagement. It not only explored the advantages of developing robotization within industrial and commercial landscapes but also highlighted the diverse possibilities of using robots in everyday life. Roboday PitchDay has laid a solid foundation for future collaborations and advancements.”

Recognizing the importance of fostering collaboration and information exchange among industry players, the Roboday initiative will continue to be hosted on a regular basis. By providing the necessary infrastructure for hardware and robotics companies, Roboday plays a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant robotics ecosystem.

With its relentless support for emerging hardware robotics startups and the influx of new players to the market, Dubai is firmly on track to solidify its position as one of the world’s leading cities in robotics and automation.

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