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Milestone Systems: Six Reasons to Choose XProtect

In today’s dynamic world, basic video recording barely scratches the surface of what your security system needs. You require a vigilant security posture, capable of watching, understanding, and acting. XProtect® video management software (VMS) by Milestone Systems transcends traditional video security, offering an intelligent platform that empowers your safety posture and streamlines operations.

Forget clunky interfaces and limited functionality. XProtect boasts an intuitive design, placing powerful features like advanced search, seamless device integration, and extensible capabilities at your fingertips. XProtect features translate to faster response times, actionable insights, and empowered teams who can proactively manage security and optimize processes. Milestone is your partner, ready to adapt and help you grow your business, offering scalability and optional extensions to cater to your specific needs.

Open platform

In a close-ended security system, each component is powerful but it’s isolated from other systems. In an open platform, integrations bridge your system to connect to other security tools, creating a unified network of intelligence. That’s the power of XProtect’s open platform. This video technology takes you beyond security cameras to other security devices, like access control systems, intrusion detection, IoT sensors, fire alarms, and even optional AI-powered analytics. XProtect integrates seamlessly with a vast ecosystem of over 14,000 devices. Information flows freely, creating a holistic view of your security landscape.

Here’s how it works: XProtect uses open APIs, like a universal language, to “talk” to these different systems. Access control systems can send entry logs to XProtect, triggering instant video verification. Additionally, video analytics can flag suspicious activity in XProtect. Highly secure sites can automatically lock down specific doors or prevent movement when necessary. It’s a powerful collaboration orchestrated by the open platform.

The benefits include streamlined operations, faster response times, and proactive security. You’re not just watching; you’re predicting, preventing, and reacting with laser focus. XProtect remains secure, ensuring only authorized information exchanges within its controlled environment.

Scalable and flexible

XProtect scales seamlessly, accommodating small installations to large enterprise-level deployments. It offers flexibility in managing cameras, storage, and users. Another helpful feature is the ability to scale as needs and budgets change. This capability lets management grow at the speed of business. A system may start small but can quickly scale to hundreds or thousands of cameras across many sites, as needed.

Cutting-edge technology is available as it’s released, thanks to the open platform and Milestone’s extensive network of partners. For example, our customers can add new technology as it becomes available. If new tools hit the market, customers can opt-in immediately without needing to replace equipment and software across the entire enterprise. In addition, customers do not have to “rip and replace” existing cameras or other hardware when XProtect is in place. This is invaluable to users looking the scale over time.

Situational awareness

Imagine having eyes everywhere, not just watching but understanding. XProtect elevates your security beyond basic recording, empowering you with enhanced situational awareness. See your entire operation at a glance, from live camera feeds to historical archives, all presented in a user-friendly interface.

But XProtect goes beyond mere visuals. Leverage compatible video analytics to detect suspicious activity, identify trends, and uncover valuable insights. Track people and objects across cameras, monitor access control points, and receive real-time alerts for potential threats. This proactive approach empowers you to anticipate and address issues before they escalate, improving safety and efficiency.

With XProtect, you’re not just reacting to events but you’re improving your proactive awareness. Proactive security translates to faster response times, informed decision-making, and a safer environment for your people and assets.

Easy to operate

Security shouldn’t require a technical degree. Milestone understands that prioritizing a user-friendly interface in XProtect empowers everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Forget clunky menus and controls. XProtect’s intuitive design makes navigation a breeze, allowing you to quickly access live feeds, playback recordings, search footage, and confidently manage settings.

Think of it this way: XProtect speaks your language. Straightforward icons, clear labeling, and logical workflows guide you through every step. Whether you’re a seasoned security professional or a newcomer, navigating XProtect feels natural and effortless. Easy-to-use software translates to faster adoption, reduced training time, and a more efficient security operation. So, say goodbye to frustration and hello to a system that works as intuitively as you think.

  • Customizable Views and Layouts: Users can create personalized views, layouts, and maps to optimize their monitoring experience.
  • Mobile Access: XProtect offers mobile and web-based apps for remote monitoring and management, ensuring flexibility for security personnel.
  • Live Monitoring and Playback: XProtect enables real-time monitoring of live video streams and efficient playback of recorded footage.
  • Smart Search and Analytics: The software includes advanced search capabilities, allowing users to find specific events or incidents quickly. By adding advanced video analytics, these features can help enhance situational awareness and improve your forensic investigating capabilities.

Preventing cyberattacks

As ransomware, data breaches, and identity theft surge, Milestone’s commitment to safeguarding your network integrity is unwavering. Through seamless integration with the XProtect platform, Milestone fortifies your systems, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. Our proactive approach extends beyond mere compliance—we advocate IT best practices that proactively thwart malicious actors.

Milestone streamlines security operations, automating the protection of cameras and network-attached devices. Leveraging cutting-edge firewall technology and camera compliance enforcement, XProtect helps prevent unauthorized access to your network. You can learn more about securing the video technology in the Milestone XProtect VMS Hardening Guide.

In critical environments, staff vigilance is paramount. Yet, complementing human diligence, Milestone’s security protocols add a barrier, shielding vital personal data from cybercriminals’ intent. With XProtect and the proper hardening of your security network, you know that your resources and data stores remain impenetrable to malicious intent.

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