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Milestone Systems and Arcules Merge Announced

Milestone Systems, a leading VMS provider, has announced its merger with VSaaS solutions provider Arcules. The merger, effective July 1, will combine both companies’ capabilities in video management software, video analytics and video surveillance-as-a-service, delivering complete video security solutions for users in different scenarios.

Thomas Jensen, CEO of Milestone Systems, said of the merger: “Milestone and Arcules have a strong existing partnership and a common DNA. By uniting and working as one, we can provide a world-class offering that suits many different needs and gives customers greater freedom of choice. As one company, we will shape the future of open platform video technology.”

Andreas Pettersson, CEO of Arcules, said: “We are excited to rejoin Milestone, a global leader and trusted partner. This merger will accelerate our growth and innovation, delivering greater value to our customers and partners. Together, we are committed to realizing our vision of empowering people, businesses, and societies through intelligent video solutions.”

The merger was announced at a time when video surveillance is fast migrating towards the cloud due to its various benefits. Cloud allows remote monitoring and enables users to scale up or down based on their camera count. Further, cloud also offers unparalleled processing power, whose importance cannot be overstated as users increasingly rely on AI-based analytics to find insights and value in their video.

And according to Milestone, this is where the merger with Arcules is significant. Arcules, based in Irvine, California, was spun off from Milestone in 2017. The decision to reunite the two, Milestone says, was “driven by a shared vision to deliver intelligent, data-driven video technology that empowers customers to make better decisions and optimize their operations.”

“The merger offers unparalleled ability to exploit the rapidly changing AI landscape from on premise to cloud, and both Milestone and Arcules are advanced in working with video analytics. The combination of these strengths will provide significant market advantages,” said Milestone, which also had a merger with video analytics provider BriefCam earlier this year.

“Combining forces is a bold step towards pioneering advancements in the rapidly growing VSaaS market. With the rise of AI, the joint companies have the potential to derive insights from video data and support decision intelligence. By adding Arcules to Milestone’s product line, the company is optimally positioned to lead the video technology software industry,” Milestone said.

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