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Look Wider, Protect Deeper: Dahua Launched Updated MultiVision Series with Larger Monitoring Coverage

Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, proudly released the updated version of its MultiVision Series tailored to address common monitoring challenges such as insufficient field of view, single direction monitoring, and poor linkage between cameras. With its Panoramic Splicing Series, Multi-direction Series and X-Spans Series, MultiVision offers all-in-one design, enlarged monitoring coverage, multiple integrated channels and AI functions, as well as significant cost reduction.

Following the rapid development of the security industry, demands of customers for larger scene monitoring, clearer images and more intelligent functions have been exponentially growing over the years, which traditional cameras cannot efficiently accommodate. Developed as early as 2016, Dahua’s MultiVision Series is the fruit of continued in-depth research on how to address these monitoring requirements. Its three main components include:

  • Panoramic Splicing Series: Consisting of many traditional cameras, this series uses multi-lens cameras to obtain clear and vivid images and utilizes advanced pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm for image splicing, thus creating a 180° panoramic image that presents more details of the scene, providing larger field of view and saving both product and labor costs. In addition, up to 5 sub images can be achieved with its EPTZ which significantly
  • Multi-direction Series: It supports multiple lens angle adjustment, enabling it to easily adapt to various complex scenes, cover more areas from different directions, and provide sufficient cost savings. It allows simultaneous intelligent functions in multiple channels for fewer installation points and easy management. It is also equipped with FlexStream technology that supports multi-channel streams viewed in one channel at the same time (i.e. multiple images can be displayed in one channel), which effectively saves back-end channel and license costs.
  • X-Spans Series: Products of this series generally consist of an overview channel and a detail channel. Using one or more high-performance DSP chips, its Auto Calibration function can integrate two independent channels to ensure that they are aligned and synchronized in the same coordinate system, thus solving the complex configuration problem of traditional bullet and PTZ camera linkage. What’s more, its Smart Tracking function enables linkage between the overview and detail channels; when a human/vehicle target triggers the IVS rule of the panoramic channel, the detail channel will proceed to track the detected target.

With years of non-stop innovation and development under its belt, the MultiVision Series has achieved phenomenal results in terms of providing larger monitoring coverage, integrating multiple cameras into one robust device, linking multiple channels and AI functions simultaneously, and enabling substantial cost savings for customers.

These benefits make it ideal for various application scenarios that require larger and cost-effective monitoring coverage such as villas, warehouses, enterprise parks, squares, and more.

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