December 5, 2023
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LenelS2 Announces New Elements Platform Features and Expanded Options for Cloud Transition

LenelS2, the global leader in intelligent security systems and services, has introduced a range of new features and capabilities within the LenelS2™ Elements™ platform, its native cloud-based access control solution. Additionally, as part of its commitment to providing exceptional customer experience, LenelS2 is offering new, cost-effective ways to transition to its Elements cloud-based solution. LenelS2 is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

To help customers realize the growing benefits of cloud access control, and to simplify implementation for system integrators, LenelS2 released new enhancements and integrations for its Elements platform that help streamline maintenance, reduce cyber risk, increase scalability, and reduce total cost of ownership through less manual labor, hardware, and installation costs.

Recent and coming-soon Elements platform updates include: Elements Marketplace, enabling users to discover, request, and manage their system’s integrations and providing greater visibility into how they can customize and expand their current solution. Elements Sites feature, allowing users to view live & recorded video, and manage devices, people and credentials across multiple sites with a single login. Integration with visitor management provider, Splan, enabling users to provision badges for visitors and temporary badges to employees, contractors and vendors.

Enhanced video layouts, up to 16 live streams, allowing the Elements dashboard to be custom configured with additional video stream displays. Additional Import People and Credentials functionality, allowing multiple people to be easily added via bulk import to the Elements system along with their credentials and photos.

Lockdown Profiles feature, allowing users to configure lockdown profiles for rapidly locking down their facilities when doors need to be immediately locked in emergencies. New camera event reporting, allowing cameras to report motion in the event feed. Person ID can now be added to a person record and can be used when searching or filtering. Live and recorded video direct from camera, no recorder needed, with support for Axis, Bosch, and Hanwha cameras. Use the access gateway and SD card on the camera. Support for up to 8 cameras per access gateway. Coming this Fall, the Elements platform will offer support for NetBox Node hardware, providing new entry-level Elements kits, as well as allowing existing NetBox users the ability to transition to the Elements cloud platform. Initial release will include Elements support for NetBox M1 and MicroNode Plus hardware.

In addition to this growing list of new Elements capabilities, LenelS2offers an Elements/OnGuard Connector which enables the OnGuard® access control system and the Elements platform to seamlessly communicate. This hybrid access control solution offers enterprise security operations the flexibility to run their on-premises OnGuard system at their headquarters, while securing other sites and satellite locations from the cloud.

“LenelS2’s position as a leading access solution provider and our approach to ongoing development enables customers and our network of value-added resellers (VARs) to harness the full potential of the cloud

while ensuring seamless integration and optimal security,” said Brian Matthews, Cloud Sales Leader at LenelS2. “We’ve been continuously expanding the features and capabilities of our Elements solution, while also offering our customers scalable, cost-effective pathways to support their transition from on-premises systems to hybrid and fully cloud-enabled solutions.”

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