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ISNR 2024: Record Attendance and Groundbreaking Initiatives

The International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) Abu Dhabi 2024 concluded with resounding success, marking the most significant milestone in its history since its inception in 2008

Under the esteemed patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, ISNR 2024 Abu Dhabi was organized by ADNEC Group from 21-23 May 2024 in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior. The event saw unprecedented participation and engagement from across the globe. This year’s ISNR, held in strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Police General Command and academic partnership with Rabdan Academy, demonstrated remarkable growth and impact, reflecting the increasing importance of national security and resilience in the region and beyond.

30% Increase in Attendees

The exhibition spanned an impressive 24,038 square meters of gross space at the ADNEC Centre Abu Dhabi, with 13,609 square meters of net occupied space, making it one of the largest editions to date. It hosted 210 exhibitors from 35 countries, showcasing a 14% increase in participation from the previous edition. This diverse representation included six dedicated pavilions, each highlighting innovative solutions and technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, national security, and law enforcement. The exhibition attracted a record 25,128 visitors, marking a 30% increase compared to the 19,493 attendees of the previous edition, underscoring the growing interest and relevance of ISNR.

Launch of the Rabdan Security and Defense Institute

One of the standout features of ISNR 2024 was the launch of the Rabdan Security and Defense Institute (RSDI) by Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This specialized research center is dedicated to advanced security and defense studies, aimed at deepening understanding of regional security dynamics and identifying potential threats, opportunities, and challenges. The institute’s launch highlighted the UAE’s commitment to enhancing security research and education, fostering a deeper collaboration between academic institutions and security agencies.

Comprehensive Conference Program

The event’s comprehensive conference program, organized by the Ministry of Interior and Rabdan Academy in cooperation with ADNEC Group, was a major highlight. Over two days, pivotal discussions took place on critical security, policing, and crisis management issues. The conference featured 108 speakers who delivered 70 onsite sessions, engaging 1,157 attendees. The sessions delved into various topics such as “Policing and Crisis Management in the Era of Innovation” and “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Security Technology,” addressing key issues like strategic alliances in global stability, evidence-based policing, AI in security, and intelligence-based preparedness.

ISNR Dialogues: A Platform for Expert Discussions

ISNR 2024 also introduced the “ISNR Dialogues” platform, which facilitated a series of presentations and interactive dialogue sessions. The third and final day of the Dialogues, themed “Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection,” commenced with a presentation on “Using Strategic Intelligence to Understand and Confront Physical and Cybersecurity Threats.” This forum brought together 411 attendees and leading experts who discussed a broad spectrum of topics related to cybersecurity challenges and solutions for protecting critical infrastructure.

Ministry of Interior: Cybersecurity and MOI Talks

During a series of dialogue sessions for the Ministry of Interior on the second day of ISNR Abu Dhabi 2024, participants addressed several important topics that included child protection in cyberspace, institutional partnerships to improve child protection in cyberspace in the UAE, and the protection of women in cyberspace. The sessions featured experts and specialists at the local and global levels discussing the importance of protecting society from cybercrime through governance enhancements, improvements in the quality of digital life, and cooperation between national institutions. International cooperation to raise awareness of cross-border cybersecurity challenges, and healthy and sound practices for dealing with them, were also addressed.

The Ministry of Interior stand also featured the MOI Talks with 22 distinguished speakers addressing crucial issues. Two significant graduation ceremonies were held for Ministry of Interior employees. The first ceremony celebrated the graduation of 54 members from specialized programs in child protection, qualifying them as specialists in this critical field. The second ceremony marked the graduation of the ninth batch of the Future Services Diploma, with 225 employees from 49 federal and local entities completing the program, aimed at enhancing government services and improving community life.

Cyber Security Hub as a Competitive Arena

A notable feature of this year’s event was the Cyber Security Hub, launched by the UAE Cyber Security Council. This hub hosted a daily competition titled “Capture the Flag,” designed to test and evaluate the cybersecurity skills of participants through various challenges, including hacking artificial intelligence and cryptography. The competition culminated with Mohammed Aloraimi being awarded as the winner, highlighting the UAE’s focus on nurturing and growing its cybersecurity capabilities.

Interpol Policing Hub for Global Collaboration

The Interpol Policing Hub was another key attraction, serving as a focal point for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation in global law enforcement. Attendees participated in engaging sessions, interactive demonstrations, and networking opportunities with leading law enforcement professionals from around the world, fostering international cooperation in tackling organized crime and enhancing global security.

Engaging Expert Discussions at ISNR Talks

The ISNR Talks provided a platform for leading experts to discuss various aspects of security, with a particular focus on cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. The series of presentations and panel discussions underscored the importance of strategic intelligence in addressing physical and cybersecurity threats. Throughout the course of the event, the ISNR Talks brought together leading experts in various fields for discussions, sessions, and panels to discuss several topics. A series of presentations and rich panel discussions were held within the ISNR Talks platform, which discussed a variety of topics related to cybersecurity challenges and solutions to protect critical infrastructure.

A Benchmark for Future Editions

In conclusion, ISNR Abu Dhabi 2024 was a monumental success, showcasing the latest advancements in national security and resilience. The event’s comprehensive program, record participation, and the introduction of innovative features and platforms underscored its importance as a global forum for security and resilience. The UAE’s commitment to fostering international cooperation, enhancing security capabilities, and promoting advanced research was evident throughout the event, setting a high benchmark for future editions.

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