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Greetings! UNV New Product Line Of LCD Video Wall Has Officially Launched!

UNV has three product layouts now for different customers: popular video wall, video wall for contractors and mini LED backlight video wall!

UNV applied much patented technology in order to make our LCD Video wall more competitive.

Patented technology

  • Image enhancement: With exclusive image enhancement patented technology in security industry, the gray part is clearly visible, and there is no obvious loss in the bright part.
  • Intelligent anti-burning: The LCD screen has been in a static image for a long time. When it switches to other images, there will be previous images left. Our anti-burning function can move the whole-screen image by 1-3 pixels through the set rules without human eyes’ perception, so as to maintain the activity of all liquid crystal molecules, which can effectively solve the problem of screen burning.
  • Blue light eye protection: Alleviate the blue light hazards such as dry eyes and burning pain caused by long-term observation of the screen. Blue light lowering eye protection mode can reduce the energy of blue light band.
  • Auto seam compensation: Our auto seam compensation function can automatically complete the adjustment of seam compensation by obtaining the model and scale information. Compared with manual adjustment, it can greatly improve the adjustment efficiency and reduce the dependence on the installers.
  • Power on scientifically and protect the large screen: When the whole TV wall is switched on and off at the same time, the instantaneous current is large, which is easy to cause equipment damage. UNV video wall screen supports sequential switching, which makes the instantaneous current smaller, safer and more stable.

Mini LED backlight video wall

Uniview has launched the ultra-narrow LCD splicing display unit with mini LED backlight technology to the industry and commercial users. The model is MW5355-TP3-D.

Compared with that of ordinary products, the number of backlight beads and partitions has doubled, which can restore the true color to the largest extent, and has excellent performance such as longer lifespan and lower energy consumption.

  • Fine partition: The multiple increase of the number of partitions makes the local backlight adjustment more refined. The brightness of the highlighted part in the image can reach the maximum, while the brightness of the dark part can be reduced or even turned off to achieve the best contrast and save energy and power.
  • High brightness: Mini LED is used as backlight, so more mini led beads are integrated on the same screen, and the brightness is higher than that of ordinary video wall.
  • High dynamic contrast: When a part of the screen needs to display black, the small backlight of this part can be dimmed or even turned off to obtain more pure black and greatly improve the contrast.


The LCD Video Wall has two main applications.

The first one is for the monitoring room. It can work with VMS, keyboard, etc. In this way, the employees can use it to monitor scenarios such as safe city, park.

The other one is for advertisement. It is recommended to use in restaurants, supermarkets, buildings, banks, shopping malls and other scenes that need information publishing.

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