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Cutting-Edge Security Unveiled at Suprema’s Cairo Summit

The full-day event showcased cutting-edge AI-based security solutions that are set to transform physical security across the Middle East

On May 27, Suprema Middle East, in collaboration with its official distributor Advanced Technology, held a highly successful partner event at the prestigious Concorde El Salam Cairo. The event attracted over 200 qualified attendees, all prominent figures in the security systems industry with extensive experience in the Egyptian market.

BioStar Update and New Devices Steal the Show

The attendees expressed great enthusiasm for the innovative technologies presented, highlighting the potential for these solutions to reshape security practices in the region. Suprema’s latest offerings, designed to enhance security management and streamline access control, were the focal points of the event.

Suprema unveiled the new XP2-MAPB card reader, a sophisticated device supporting HID I Class, Seos, and Mobile BLE. This advanced card reader offers enhanced security features and flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of modern security infrastructure. Attendees were particularly impressed with its seamless integration capabilities and the robust security measures it provides.

The event also saw the launch of Suprema’s smallest facial recognition device, the BioEntry BEW3. This compact yet powerful device is designed for seamless integration into various security systems, offering reliable and efficient facial recognition capabilities. The BioEntry BEW3 promises to set new standards in the industry with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design.

A major highlight of the event was the introduction of the latest update to Suprema’s BioStar software, version 2.9.5. This update features a revamped, user-friendly dashboard that simplifies access control tasks, making security management more intuitive and efficient. Attendees appreciated the enhanced functionality and the streamlined user experience that the new dashboard offers.

Suprema also announced the global launch of the Cloud Access-Control Service (CLUe), which has already seen success in Korea and Japan. Suprema CLUe is designed with a new integration approach, boasting both ease of use and powerful features. The global launch of CLUe marks a significant milestone for Suprema, as it aims to provide a more versatile and comprehensive access control solution to its international clientele.

Airfob Sets New Standards for Cloud-Based Access Control

Another groundbreaking solution presented at the event was Airfob by MOCA, touted as the world’s most scalable access control solution. Airfob is a 100% cloud-based, mobile-first system that eliminates the need for inconvenient access cards, enhancing user experiences for members, guests, and employees by providing a seamless and efficient access control method.

MOCA System has revolutionized access control by integrating it with the cloud and securely connecting it to the online services we use daily. Already in use at 13,000 sites across five continents, MOCA’s Airfob cloud, hardware, and software solutions for commercial access control eliminate the need for on-site servers and significantly reduce the cost of upgrading to mobile credentials. As the only fully cloud-based access control solution, Airfob is all about ensuring scalability by setting new standards for it in the access control industry.

All in all, the Suprema Egypt partner event can be described as a resounding success, providing attendees with valuable insights into the future of security solutions. The positive feedback from the audience underscored the significance of the technologies presented and their potential impact on the security industry in the Middle East. As Suprema continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the company strives to stay at the forefront of the industry, driving advancements in security and access control solutions.

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