Core Security and Value Creation Top Focus of CSO’s Says Omdia Research

New research conducted by Omdia reveals that operational efficiency and optimization are the top security priorities for Chief Security Officers (CSOs) in 2023.
The study, which involved 163 CSOs, highlights the focus on core security functions and value creation. Operational efficiency and optimization were selected as top priorities by 60% of respondents, followed closely by threat intelligence generation and analysis at 56%. Improving risk assessments ranked third in priority.
Surprisingly, sustainability risk received low attention, with only 5% of respondents considering it a priority. The research also explores the key drivers behind security strategy decisions, with business-wide transitions like digital transformation being the most cited driver, followed by senior management and brand protection.
Government legislation and data privacy were identified as the least influential factors in shaping security strategy decisions. The research also indicates that CSOs are the most influential job role in deciding to adopt new security solutions, with 85% of respondents considering them among the top three influential roles.
C-level executives were identified as the next most influential group, while systems integrators and consultants had the least influence.

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