Bosch Building Technologies Academy

Designed to help you install and run complex projects faster, smoother and more profitably

The Bosch Building Technologies Academy offers extensive training program for certification on Bosch products and additional development opportunities. Via the Academy, partners can register for training sessions, access training documents, attend a course, track the learning progress, take exams, and download certifications obtained. Bosch online courses and classroom trainings cover the complete security, safety, and communications product portfolio as well as sessions related to specific industry solutions.

Bosch partners can benefit from a comprehensive training program which includes commercial and technical trainings. While commercial trainings help sales staff to become experts in Bosch’s portfolio and explain how to sell fire alarm systems, technical training opportunities are ideal for fire alarm system installers, system integrators and technical consultants to acquire and deepen respective skills. The training courses show them how to to install and run projects faster, and support also trained technicians to work both efficiently and effectively.

Have a look at the Bosch Fire Alarm Systems training webpage to find out which trainings are suitable for you. Training | Bosch Security and Safety Systems | Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Middle East

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